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Demos included in Video

12 ga. Frangible Entry Slug
5.56/.223 Frangible
.40 S&W Subsonic
40mm CQB
.40 S&W Frangible
.50 Anti-ricochet
7.62/.308 Thumper Subsonic
7.62/.308 Limited Penetration
5.56/.223 Ultra Stealth Subsonic

Click for more demo videos including the above ammunition

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EBR Inc was built on a concept that there was an important group out there who was in need of quaility product, and needed it now. Here at EBR, we are continually looking for ways to improve, not only the quaility of our product itself, but just as importantly methods to get that product to you. Our customers have enough to be concerned about. The last thing that anyone needs to address are avoidable jams, and harmful situations. We appreciate that and continually take measures to ensure quaility product that performs at optimal levels, again, and again, and again.


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