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40mm CQB (Government and Military sales only)

The EBR 40mm CQB is a devastating round designed to fire multiple projectiles from each 40mm cartridge, like a giant shotgun. The 40mm CQB is available in the following projectile options. Click on each item to see a larger image.

1. 40mm CQB body (body finish 1)
2. 20 each "000" Buck (lead)(body finish 1)
3. 55 each #3 or #4 Buck (lead)(body finish 1)
4. 28 each "00" Buck (frang)(body finish 1)
5. 70 each #4 Buck (frang)(body finish 1)
6. 2 each 325 gr. Slug (frang)(body finish 1)
7. 40mm CQB bodies (body finish 1 & 2)
8. 40mm CQB body (body finish 2)
9. 20 each "000" Buck (lead)(body finish 2)
10. 30 each #1 Buck (lead)(body finish 2)
11. 55 each #3 or #4 Buck (lead)(body finish 2)
12. 28 each "00" buck (frang)(body finish 2)
13. 70 each #4 Buck (frang)(body finish 2)
14. 2 each 325 gr. Slug (frang)(body finish 2)
15. 148gr paintball (nylon training body)


The EBR 40mm CQB is a unique weapons system and as such has some unique safety considerations. The cartridges WILL function outside of the launcher; indeed, all the launcher is used for is to aim the system and initiate the primer. EXTREME CARE IN HANDLING is indicated. Should the primer be initiated unintentionally outside of the launcher, serious injury or death may occur. Special ammunition requires specialized training. It is the responsibility of the operator to obtain this training and to maintain control of these cartridges at all times.

The cartridges should go directly from the factory packaging to the operator’s ammunition pouch. They should stay in the pouch until the operator requires them for use, and then be removed from the pouch and loaded directly into the launcher with the launcher on “Safe”.

Treat these cartridges as you would any loaded weapon.

1. NEVER point the muzzle of these systems at anything you do not wish to destroy. Never look straight at the front of the cartridges. This equates to looking down the barrel of a loaded gun and will not earn you the respect of your peers.

2. Keep your finger off of the trigger and the launcher on “Safe” until you are ready to fire.

3. Be aware of your target and what lies beyond. As these are a multiple-projectile system, this situational awareness is especially important. Be aware of the location of your Teammates and non-combatants.

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