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EBR .50 cal Anti Ricochet Frangible

The problem with using a .50 BMG caliber weapon, either rifle or M2HB, etc. has been the fact that the round in all previous configurations tends to overpenetrate, ricochet, and travel for a very long distance behind the intended target. EBR's new .50 BMG Anti-Ricochet Frangible reduces these hazards and potential collateral damage risks substantially by providing the operator with the power of the .50 BMG while giving him an option that will not ricochet intact, even at a very shallow angle to water's surface. As demonstrated in the attached video, it is also a very good answer for the Sniper-initiated takedown of aircraft and other situations where intact overpenetration by a complete .50 BMG round would be undesirable. While retaining enough mass to ensure an undeflected shot on the target through intermediate barriers, it comes apart into fragments with much less penetration than would occur with an intact .50 BMG projectile, spending most of its considerable energy on the intended target.

The EBR .50 cal Anti Ricochet Frangible can be reliably fired from an M2 Browning .50 caliber machine gun (M2HB).

Restricted, please call.

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The EBR .50 cal Anti Ricochet Frangible is also very accurate from good .50 BMG rifle platforms; see above for the .6" group fired from a 26"-barreled .50 BMG McMillan at 100 yards.

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Improvised Explosive Device (IED) disarmed using EBR .50 cal Anti Ricochet Frangible (ARF). Its applications include:

  1. EOD - Bomb disruption & disabling round
  2. Anti-vehicular - Engine or driver
  3. Maritime - Will not ricochet off water's surfaceintact, even at a very shallow angle
  4. Urban Sniper/Barrier - Reduces ricochet hazard to innocent bystanders yet allows the use of powerful .50 BMG ammunition
  5. Sniper-initiated aircraft takedown - Positive penetration with reduced hazard to hostages


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