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 • 5.56/.223 Ultra Stealth Match Subsonic
 • 7.62/.308 Thumper Subsonic

 • 7.62/.308 PBS-Precision Bonded Subsonic

 • .300 Winchester Magnum Subsonic
 • .338 Lapua Magnum Subsonic
 • 7.62x39 Jackhammer Subsonic
 • 9mm Tactical Subsonic
 • .40 S&W Subsonic
 • .44 Magnum Subsonic
 • 7.62x39 Tracer

 • 12-ga KlinkMeister

Frangible Ammo
 • 12 ga. Frangible ENTRY Slug

 • 9mm Tactical Frangible
 • .40 S&W Frangible

 • .45 ACP Frangible Reduced Hazard
 • .223/5.56 Frangible

 • .308/7.62 Frangible
 • .300 Winchester Magnum Frangible

Government & Military
 • 40mm CQB
 • 7.62/.308 Limited Penetration
 • 7.62 x 39 Facility Protection Frangible

 • 5.56/.223 Subsonic

 • .50 cal Anti Ricochet
 • 6.5 EBR

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Weapons and Related Items For Sale


Wraith .338 Suppressor

This thread-on supresser, especially designed to withstand the larger rifle calibres (.300 Win. Mag. and .338 Lapua Mag) is one of the few on the market which will actually enhance performance of these powerful calibres. 32+ dB reduction coupled with reduced felt recoil makes
shooting these guns actually an enjoyable experience. Solid welded core and Inconel blast baffles enables this supresser to withstand even extended FA fire in .308/7.62, as seen from photo of this
can on an M240 barrel. 5/8 x 24 TPI .

Price: $995


The very fine GEMTECH HALO Quick-Detach muzzle can utilizes GEMTECHs patented QD mounting system compatible with the 22mm standard birdcage flash hider used by militaries worldwide. Extremely high quality at a rock-bottom fair price. Shown here on our subsonic test platform, you can see this can at work on the 5.56 Subsonic video under the "Government & Military" section.

Price: $695

GEMTECH M4-02 Piranha Suppressor

Widely used throughout the world, the GEMTECH M4-02 Piranha suppressor is extremely compact, as can be seen in this photo. The perfect match for your "Shorty". Seen here on an 11-1/2" gun.

Price: $525

GEMTECH Mossad-II Suppressor

Upgrade your Uzi submachinegun with the finest accessory available; the GEMTECH Mossad-II suppressor. It's as easy as replacing your barrel nut; just screw it on and "go to work" in a civilized fashion.

Price: $675

This SRT Arms .338 Lapua Magnum suppressor comes with a Desert "spiderweb" camo finish.

Price: $995

John's Guns compact M4 suppressor. No longer catalogued, this 5.56 significantly shortens the overall length of your weapon. Perfect for Entry guns!

Price: $625

120mm Mortar Cartridges
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