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Subsonic & Specialty Ammo   
 • 5.56/.223 Ultra Stealth Match Subsonic
 • 7.62/.308 Thumper Subsonic

 • 7.62/.308 PBS-Precision Bonded Subsonic

 • .300 Winchester Magnum Subsonic
 • .338 Lapua Magnum Subsonic
 • 7.62x39 Jackhammer Subsonic
 • 9mm Tactical Subsonic
 • .40 S&W Subsonic
 • .44 Magnum Subsonic
 • 7.62x39 Tracer

 • 12-ga KlinkMeister

Frangible Ammo
 • 12 ga. Frangible ENTRY Slug

 • 9mm Tactical Frangible
 • .40 S&W Frangible

 • .45 ACP Frangible Reduced Hazard
 • .223/5.56 Frangible

 • .308/7.62 Frangible
 • .300 Winchester Magnum Frangible

Government & Military
 • 40mm CQB
 • 7.62/.308 Limited Penetration
 • 7.62 x 39 Facility Protection Frangible

 • 5.56/.223 Subsonic

 • .50 cal Anti Ricochet
 • 6.5 EBR

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 • Greenhill Formula For Rifling Twists
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 • Subsonics Do Not Like Long Barrels!
 • The Use of Mil-Dots & Subsonic Ammunition
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About Us
Whit Engel

Chris Luchini

Dr. Luchini is a physicist with an extensive background in computational
modeling of explosives, shock dynamics and other processes of interest to the
munitions community.

Kevin Dockery

Kevin Dockery, our Vice President of Technical Information, has been working with the written word most of his adult life, having written or contributed to 37 books, numerous magazine articles, and having appeared on The History Channel, Discovery Channel, and the Military Channel on a number of shows. The balance of his adult work has been with weapons, either as a custom gunsmith, or in the U.S. Military. Having served in Company A (The President’s Guard) of the Third Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard) he maintained a very wide variety of modern and antique military weapons, including 77 Brown Bess flintlock muskets. The latter weapon resulted in him being the last armorer in the U.S. Army qualified to knap flints after training at the Smithsonian Institution and Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia.

His further military career included time as a Designated Marksman in the President’s Guard, a Mechanized Infantryman, squad leader on an 81mm Mortar, and Platoon Sergeant in an Infantry Company. He spent time during the first Gulf War as a support contractor on the Fox chemical/biological/nuclear scout vehicle.

He has since become a noted military historian specializing in Naval Special Warfare (the SEAL Teams) and military ordnance. His hobbies include blacksmithing, knife and sword making, precision shooting, and cartridge collecting. His Weapons Technical Library can be considered world-class.




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