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Wounded Warrior Project Donation

Hog Testimonial – Using EBR 5.56 Ultra Stealth Ammunition

…As an added bit of information and testimony, the suppressor I already have has made a world of difference in helping manage the wild hog population on our ranch. (In 2010 we took 220 and in 2011 we took 223). When using it, with subsonic ammunition, I have been able to take as many as 4 hogs at ranges from 50 to 100 yards out of large groups before they scatter and get to cover. They realize something is happening but without the secondary crack of the bullet they can't seem to figure what's happening.

In one particular case I shot a large hog at 100 yards and had a second hog come over to it as if to see what was wrong before he too suffered the consequences. I look forward to doing business with you again through this process and can't wait to put this larger caliber to stealthy use on more of the wild pigs that are doing their best to destroy our ranch.

Thanks again and look forward to hearing from you,

Don "Dink" Benton
Ranch Manager Arrowhead Ranch


Testimonial – Using EBR Subsonic Match Ammunition

Mr. Engel,

I stand by my comments and you may use myself, and my contact information, as a reference for your high quality ammunition. As an old re-loader, hunter and USPSA member, I believe I know exceptional ammunition when I see it. I have always believed that the accuracy and dependability of ammunition is a product of the quality of the workmanship. For me, that's Engel Subsonic Match Ammunition. If you have a high quality AR platform, rifle, or sidearm that you've invested serious money in, why would you then put cheap, inferior, potentially substandard ammunition through it? It's like investing in a new Ferrari and then using cheap home-made kerosene. Just as you'll never know the true potential of the Ferrari that way, without quality first-rate ammunition, you will never know the true potential of your firearm.


Dr. Jody Griswold
Internal Medicine
Medical Jurisprudence



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